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3 Apps that Make Your Life Easier

Life has become so hectic that often times we can’t find time for ourselves. Dealing with the daily affairs of life can put us through the ringer. Many times people are searching for easy ways of dealing with the everyday hassles of life.

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Millennials: The most Makeup-Savvy generation of this Epoch

From novel nail-art to perfect contouring, effortless Smokey eyes to perfectly glowing skin –the millennials surely have a grasp on beauty. They know how to get value without sacrificing quality.

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How Millennials Are Redefining Monogamy

Having spouses is the ultimate nature of human kind. It’s about the matter of priority, circumstances, social and cultural values. Millennials are people who have opened up…

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Millennials Food Choices

Call them thrill seekers, experientialists or restaurant explorers –they are just an adventurous bunch that want to keep their lists tapped with healthy

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