• gun-control-1

    Senate Leaves American Public At Risk After Rejecting Four New Gun Measures

    The United States Senate had the opportunity to do something spectacular this week concerning gun control.  After the Orlando shooting massacre that left 49 innocent people dead at the hands of a crazed killer, the country’s governing body had the chance to make millions of people safer.  They had an … Continue reading
  • vonny2

    3 Apps that Make Your Life Easier

    Life has become so hectic that often times we can’t find time for ourselves. Dealing with the daily affairs of life can put us through the ringer. Many times people are searching for easy ways of dealing with the everyday hassles of life. If you are searching for ways that … Continue reading
  • 10-makeuppic

    Millennials: The most Makeup-Savvy generation ever

    From novel nail-art to perfect contouring, effortless Smokey eyes to perfectly glowing skin –the millennials surely have a grasp on beauty. They know how to get value without sacrificing quality. Despite the fact that generation Y has become the most active shoppers of the first half of the 21st century, … Continue reading
  • 9-monogamy-does-it-work

    How Millennials Are Redefining Monogamy

    How Millennials are redefining Monogamy Having spouses is the ultimate nature of human kind. It’s about the matter of priority, circumstances, social and cultural values. Millennials are people who have opened up their eyes in an era of technology and fast pace society. Nothing is permanent and forever –be it … Continue reading
  • 8-food

    Millennials Food Choices

    Call them thrill seekers, experientialists or restaurant explorers –they are just an adventurous bunch that want to keep their lists tapped with healthy and nutritional choices. Millennials seize a huge share in potential customer’s demography. The size surely makes them influencers in the current food services scene. Today’s food consumption … Continue reading
  • 7-fashionpic

    5 Millennial Fashion Trends that are on the rise

    Either it’s on a present note or half a century back – Youth are the ultimate trendsetters of every fashion craze. The Style industry has experienced several transformations of dressing styles, accessory preferences, and grooming approaches. The fashion trend is an ever-changing phenomenon. The only thing that remains constant is … Continue reading
  • four-valentines-day-essentials

    Four Valentines Day Essentials

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I want my Valentines Day to be special, and so should you! Corny much? Well maybe so, but there’s nothing like a cute poem to help you kick off your Valentines Day planning. Let’s focus on a few keywords here: Valentines Day, Planning, Corny. … Continue reading
  • torontos-top-5-wine-agents

    Toronto’s Top 5 Wine Agents For The Holiday Season

    With 2015 coming to an end and the holidays rolling in, wine is at the top of many Torontonians shopping lists for gifts and festive gatherings. Purchasing wine at the LCBO may seem like the easiest option; however, a wine agency is the way to go for folks who consider … Continue reading
  • 4

    Is It Possible To Find Love Online? How Dating Technology Changed Us Forever.

    Remember the good old days? You’d hit up a bar with your friends to see where the night took you, laid eyes on the man/woman of your dreams, introduced yourself, and the rest was history. In 2015? Forget about it! Our laptops, phones, and iPads are saturated with social apps … Continue reading
  • 3

    Politicians Are Allowed To Change Their Minds Too! The Spotlight Is On Hillary Clinton.

    Politicians are often defined not by their traits and qualities, but by their positions and views. It seems there is a general consensus among many people in the public who feel politicians should be branded like cattle with the term “flip-flopper” when these views or positions change. As citizens, we have … Continue reading