Charity Events

See how Vonny Sweetland is giving back to the community. Through a variety of different charitable endeavors Vonny is able to give the community a voice that matters.


Watch Vonny at National Bullying Prevention weeks red carpet film premiere. He moderates the live Q&A session of the evening and delivers a keynote speech on the effects of bullying.

Tour of Ontario's First Mobile Health Clinic For Youth

Come on a tour of Ontario's first mobile health clinic for youth with Vonny Sweetland.

Out in The cold

A documentary directed and voiced by Vonny which chronicles the struggles of LGBTQ youth who struggle with coming out to their families. We document the lives of four individuals in the community who have risen to the top.

2015 Unity Awards

See Vonny at the 2015 Unity Awards recognizing the efforts of people from all walks of life together under one roof.