Millennials Food Choices

Millennials Food Choices

by vonnysweetland, January 26, 2016

Call them thrill seekers, experientialists or restaurant explorers –they are just an adventurous bunch that want to keep their lists tapped with healthy and nutritional choices.

Millennials seize a huge share in potential customer’s demography. The size surely makes them influencers in the current food services scene. Today’s food consumption landscape boasts their outstanding purchasing power that exceeds more than $250 billion. So understanding their food choices is by far considered a smart business move.


The Y generation’s food preferences are much different than from those of their parents. They are more passionate about food than any other generation –and so loved to self-identify themselves as “foodies” according to the book “A taste of generation Yum”.

Genuine but not Purists
The food demand comes with an audacious fare of bold, exciting flavors. With such preferences, millennials are always ready to spend on what they love to eat without any doubt. This makes them amongst the most influential driving forces behind the genuine flavor; however this isn’t about the approach to native recipes but of course, the culinary creativity.

Variety is the Key
As Millennials are totally a group that exceeds the nation boundaries and takes things globally, so the global blend is definitely their firm favorite. They love to create and invent flavor-forward combinations with roots in multiple ethnicities. If you are trying to entice millennials, the mishmash of different culture should be your pick. The adventurous and creative dishes always draw interest and buzz to them. Food market research revealed that 40 percent of millennials always order something different than their previous choice when visiting the same restaurant.

Deliciously bold and authentically creative
Baby boomers were more into artificial and quick and easy food choices. Despite the fact that millennials also love to have something convenient, they surely do not compromise when it comes to their health. This is a generation that loves to have everything “organic”, seeks out a strong value proposition with a quick, convenient meal. You can’t satisfy them by just adding cheese in everything or with batter-fried junk. The food has to be properly treated, nutritionally rich and “natural”.

Dining out choices
The consumer demographic reports suggest that millennials surely value the restaurant experiences that allow them to connect. They look for unique, yet satisfying items that can create a catch-the-moment collection through which they can relate.

They love to have food items that offer unlimited customizations and made-to-order preferences. Such as the better burger movement where raw onions paved the way to caramelized Vidalia onions, patty options enhanced with veg or non-veg, smoked or grilled, fried or baked, and mayonnaise gave way to siracha mayo while ketchup transforms into chilli-garlic harissa ketchup. The same customization and premium presentation goes to fajitas, sandwiches, nachos and tacos. This might be why fast food chains like Chipoltle have become extremely strong in the marketplace.

The Millennial choice for health prompts low-cal, unprocessed and more organic foods. Therefore, the restaurants that are offering customizable variety and healthier choices are gaining more millennial consumers.

Spicy Savory over processed sauces


As for the flavor enhancing sauces, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup were preferred by boomers but surely not by millennials. Their agenda exceeds from regular sauces and calls for bold, tantalizing and spicy options. Siracha, harissa (Tunisian hot sauce) and Korean chili pepper paste are high in demand.

Bottom Line
Satisfying the millennial taste buds requires only originality in all corners of culinary. They surely take their food quite seriously and want to know everything about what is going into their mouth.

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