Millennials: The most Makeup-Savvy generation ever

Millennials: The most Makeup-Savvy generation ever

by vonnysweetland, January 26, 2016

From novel nail-art to perfect contouring, effortless Smokey eyes to perfectly glowing skin –the millennials surely have a grasp on beauty. They know how to get value without sacrificing quality. Despite the fact that generation Y has become the most active shoppers of the first half of the 21st century, the millennial consumer surely understands the power of looks. They identify and explore value with the quality over quantity method, hence changing the purchasing patterns to surpass the boomer generation.

The millennials were raised in the digital age. They have shown quite different priorities and shopping attitudes from previous ones observed. Still they have made personal-care rituals and beauty regime as part of their customs regardless of whatever the economic situation. The persuasive millennial attitude takes beauty as a way to express oneself and so it is worth the cost. They have invented multiple beauty hacks, DIY makeup tricks and innovative yet effortless ways to put their best faces forward. Fascination with makeup and beauty care is surely a trait of many millennials.

Millennials are tough to convince. You can’t just sell them a product by showing a celebrity face and make them trust you. They do check the background score by going online and checking the product reviews, as well as compares prices and quality before buying any product.

Unlike generation X, millennials have broken the status quo of huge beauty brands. For almost a century, the five big beauty brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, P&G, Ponds and Johnson & Johnson shared nearly 85% of the market. The brand passion has changed with the smaller vendors that are coming on largely by addressing the needs of millennials through fun products at reasonable prices. Almost half of these company’s sales come from online purchases and the buyers are affirmatively the millennial.

The Top 10 favorite brands of millennials

The brands that are more social media-savvy are more famous amongst millennial youth. The top choices of millennials are:

  1. Victoria Secret

  2. Sephora

  3. Revlon

  4. MAC

  5. Bath & Body

  6. Urban Decay

  7. Maybelline

  8. Marc Jacobs

  9. Free People

The Millennial way of Applying Makeup


Makeup is taken as an art. It is an expression of the personality and thus worn like an accessory. With thousands of beauty blogs, YouTube makeup tutorial channels, Pinterest look boards and social media interactions, the millennials know the smartest way to apply makeup and look their best on all occasions. Whether it is perfectly winged eyeliner or enhancing features with a flawless cover, complimenting nail-art or cute hairstyles, Generation Y knows far more than baby boomers ever did.

Cover-ups like BB crèmes are more illustrious than fully loaded foundations. They surely like to contour and enhance their features with contour sticks and a pat of compact powder to finish the look. Multiple styles of Smokey eyes and winged eyeliner with heavy mascara coating are their favorite formal eye makeup. The new and badass variety of lip colors merged to form a totally new shade that is totally the millennial lips choice.

Bottom Line

From the cosmetic industry’s perspective, millennials are establishing beauty consumption patterns that are more likely to persist for a lifetime. So the industry has to keep on inventing cosmetics with more innovation as this generation never sticks to a single method and lures to modernism.

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